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ENCHEN Professional Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Clipper Men Cordless Haircut Adjustable Ceramic Blade Sharp

ENCHEN Professional Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Clipper Men Cordless Haircut Adjustable Ceramic Blade Sharp

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Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 4W
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Cutting Head Material: Ceramic
Product Size: 45 X 170mm
Three Color:Sharp-R,Sharp-W,Sharp-X

Package Includes:

1 * Hair Trimmer
4 * Limiting Combs(3/6/9/12mm)
1 * USB Cable
1 * Brush
There is possible no oil bottle,if you need oil bottle,please leave message or note at the order,thank you so much

Main Features:

Titanium ceramic cutting head, 7500rpm powerful motor, fast cutting, no hair get stuck and no hurt to your skin.
With 5 gear rotation button for micro adjustment, 0.8-2mm adjustable range, 4 guide combs, helps you easily control the hair length you want to trim, and create a variety of hairstyles.
Professional facial hair & body grooming trimmer, suitable for men, women, kids, boys, children and baby etc.
USB rechargeable, once charged can last up to 45 minutes, very convenient, change your style anytime and anywhere.
Rounded edge, smooth and safe, mute motor, low noise design, you can have a haircut even if the baby is asleep.


30 Years Classic Model, Barber Recommended
● Stable
● Safety
● Ceramic Cutter Head
● Knob Adjustment
● Low Noise

Stable, Refuse to freeze


Stability is overriding, over 30 years of technology precipitation, refined functional structure and mold design, standard models for millions of barbers, Enchen hair clipper has extremely stable performance.

Safe for The Whole Family

ENCHEN design is very mature. As a hair clipper model used by countless hair salons around the world, you don't need to worry about her safety. When the machine is turned on, the skin will not be injured if it touches the blade at any angle

Round Corner Design
Safe Contact

Knob adjustment,No need to replace the limit comb frequently

Knob adjustment is the classic symbol of Bogner models,this fine-tuning design makes it easy for hairdressers to adjust the length during use.Five-speed adjustment 0.8-2MM.

Knob Adjustment

The knob-type adjustment is a classic mark of the Bogner model. This fine-tuning design makes the hairdresser handy when adjusting the length. Five-step fine adjustment in the range of 0.8-2mm.

Folded thin cutter head,Easy to shave corner hair

ENCHEN adopts a newly developed professional crease-line thin blade, which is more intensified for grinding and forging, is more suitable for the skin. When you trim the neck area, use the thin blade of ENCHEN, just press down gently to shave the area.

Titanium black ceramic blade,Skin-friendly and not allergic

The upper black ceramic blade, is sharp, wear-resistant, low noise, not easy to generate heat,
The lower blade is made of titanium ultra-thin blade.Titanium is bio-friendly metal.Human allergic reaction to titanium is 0

Power is surging ,No matter how thick your hair is

POWERSHOT professional motor, 6200 revolutions per minute

Low noise,Don't disturb the baby

The POWERSHOT professional motor is matched with highly ground ceramic cutter head to keep the surging power while reducing the noise to a very low level.

Silent motor
Less than 65db

Titanium Ceramic Blade

The cutter head is another highlight of this hair clipper. The upper ceramic blade is sharp, wear-resistant, low noise and not easy to heat; the lower blade is made of titanium ultra-thin blade. Titanium is bio-friendly metal. Human allergic reaction to titanium is 0.
● High Hardness
● High Abrasion Resistance
● No Thermal Conductivity
● Never Corrosion

Surging Power

POWERSHOT Professional Motor, 7500 RPM

Type-C Charging

Simple and convenient,it can be used for 90 minutes on a single charge(about 20 minutes for a normal haircut)

Can also shave

Limit comb disassembly process

Align into slot
When installing the limit comb, just align the card slot and push it in.

Push out with your finger
When disassembling the limit comb, push it out along the card slot forcefully, and you can take it off

Cutter head disassembly process

Press down after alignment
Align the bottom of the cutter head to jam the machine, and then press it down firmly until you hear a click

Push down hard
Press down firmly with your thumb to remove
Pay attention to catch it with your hands to avoid breaking

What is the Warranty?

1. This product’s warranty covers after-sales service for orders from our Store.
2. If you received faulty manufacture goods, you can get a new product for free with no shipping fee and no need to return the faulty original.
3. This warranty lasts 1 year.
Example: If a product order generation date is January 1, 2021, the warranty period will end on December 31, 2021.
4. Please apply for warranty before leaving negative comments. Your feedback is important to us, but we request you give us the opportunity to rectify any faults and make your experience more positive.
5. The warranty will be voided and a user may be backlisted if they are found to have deliberately destroyed goods or to have provided false information.

How to Guarantee the Warranty?

1. After receiving the shipment, please take an unboxing video to confirm the status of the package.
2. If you have received faulty manufacture goods, please take detailed pictures and videos of the product in operation, and send them to our after-sales team’s mailbox:
3. Email requirements: Write your order number and user name as the title, and then upload videos and pictures, and describe the problem in detail.
4. For the fastest response, please also inform us in the chat box after you have emailed us.
5. After confirming your e-mail, our professional technicians will check your videos and assess the problem. After confirmation, we will help you solve the problem or will fill the warranty.
6. We will inform you of the result of our assessment the day after receiving your videos, except on holidays.
7. The after-sales mailbox:

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