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Youpin RIWA Hair Clipper Professional Electric Trimmer For Men With LED Screen Washable Rechargeable Men Strong Power Steel Head

Youpin RIWA Hair Clipper Professional Electric Trimmer For Men With LED Screen Washable Rechargeable Men Strong Power Steel Head

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Note:Because of the different shooting angles, there may be color differences.

Main Features:
* Alloy Cutter Head blade, wear resistant and low heat, easy to use, no hair stuck.
* Built-in high performance Lithium battery, cord and cordless dual use.
* Low noise design, about 55dB.
* 0.5-2mm precise fine tuning, together with 4 comb attachments(3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm), easier to control hair length, meet your needs of various length hair.
* Whole body washable, can be rinsed after use, IPX7 grade waterproof, easy to clean and care.
* Ergonomic design and smooth body lines, very comfortable to grip.
* Charging indicator light with multi-scale remaining electricity display, allows you real-time monitoring the electricity.

Brand: RIWA
Model Number: RE-6305
Material: ABS + Alloy
Adapter Input Voltage: USB 5v
Adapter Output Voltage: 5V---1A
Charging Time: 3 hours
Using Time: 3-5 hours after fully charged
Size: 18*4.5*4.5cm

RIWA Hair Clipper

● For The Whole Family, Easy Haircut Powerful | Stainless steel cutter head | Four-speed fine-tuning

Alloy Cutter Head

● Stainless Steel Sharp Angle Blade No perm and no stuck hair

Powerful, One-click Acceleration

● Improve haircut efficiency Press twice to turn on acceleration Startup display in accelerated mode

Copper Core Motor, Continuous Force

● Provide power for one-click acceleration High-power high-speed motor, 5700 to 6200 revolutions per minute, High operation, fast speed, strong cutting and long service life. Ordinary speed: 5700 rev / min Acceleration speed: 6000 rev / min

2200mAh Large Capacity Lithium Battery

● Fully Charged, Can Be Used 60 Times It is charged for 3 hours and used for 300 minutes. It uses non-memory lithium battery for long-term use, without charge and discharge traces, and lossless battery capacity makes the battery more durable.

Low Noise Care

Quiet And Comfortable The low-noise design reduces noise interference to children, and can easily complete a haircut even if the baby is asleep.

Fine Adjustment Of Cutter Head

● Coping with different hairstyles Four kinds of spacing can be adjusted to meet the novice's needs for hairstyle length, can be operated with one hand, simple and convenient.

The Whole Body Can Be Washed, Easy To Clean

Washing the whole machine is quick and worry-free, no need to worry about cleaning up broken hair, and saves the trouble of disassembling the cutter head.

USB Charging

● Can be used when charging, no need to worry about power off USB charging design, the power supply is exhausted, you can use the charging treasure to charge, no longer need to grab the plug with the home appliances, support the use of charging, do not worry about power outages.

Back Honeycomb Anti-skid Design

● Prevent Sweating And Slipping The non-slip mat is designed with a honeycomb network, which is safe and durable, prevents the sweating machine from sliding down, and increases the grip to make the haircut easier and more comfortable.

Product Detail

● Stainless Steel Cutter Head Not easy to burn hair ● LCD Display Intuitive display ● Adjustable Cutter Head One-handed operation

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