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Tws Bluetooth Headset Binaural Wireless Bluetooth Headset 5.0

Tws Bluetooth Headset Binaural Wireless Bluetooth Headset 5.0

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1. The earplugs are turned on when they are out of the warehouse, and the Apple phone displays the pop-up window function to be connected (Android phones automatically connect, the first time you need to manually connect)
2. Put the earplugs in the charging compartment and automatically shut down and charge
3. Answer/hang up the call, play/pause music (single press), reject (long press)
4. Increase the volume on the right ear and decrease the volume on the left ear (press twice in succession)
5. The next song on the right ear and the song on the left ear (press three times in succession)
6. Voice assistant: Long press for 2 seconds, cancel the long press for 2 seconds (Note: There is no main or subordinate headset.)


Single ear capacity: 40mah/45 hours
Charging bay capacity: 400mah/binaural charging 2-3 times
Automatic boot: support
Battery life: 4.5 hours for single ear use
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Talk time: 5 hours per ear
Headphone material: PC material

Package Content:
1 pair of earplugs, charging cable, manual

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