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Electric Hair Clipper Trimmer Vintage Razor Skull Shaving Barber Cutting Machine Dual Titanium Washable Blade 0.1mm 15 Times

Electric Hair Clipper Trimmer Vintage Razor Skull Shaving Barber Cutting Machine Dual Titanium Washable Blade 0.1mm 15 Times

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Digital haircut
Double titanium knife head
The whole family can easily use the oil head to push the washable knife head

Create a brand with heart
Every exploration, every innovation
Titanium knife head
Copper core motor
Intelligent LED display
Light tone and low noise
Titanium knife head
Titanium knife head

Shaving Skinhead
0.1mm short-range
The effect is close to that of a scraper to meet the demand for delicate haircut
No skin damage
No stuck hair

One machine complete
Digital electric display
Diverse hairstyles are only designed for professionals

Fillet protection design
Titanium knife head
Sharp for oil head
The knife head and other parts that touch the skin are all rounded

R-shaped round cutter head 360 ° to avoid skin injury
Does not hurt the skin
Not stuck

Double titanium knife head
Multiple limit Combs
Easy for newbies to get started
Equipped with 1mm/2mm/3mm/4mm/6mm/9mm limit comb

Easy self-shaving
High-powered motor
The power is not stuck
Thick and hard hair or thick hair smooth push and cut
Suitable for all kinds of coarse and hard hair
High speed motor丨copper shaft motor丨low vibration and low noise

Double titanium knife head
Large Capacity Lithium Battery
Guaranteed battery life
It will be fully charged in about 4.5 hours. You can have a haircut for more than 15 times after it is fully charged

Double titanium knife head
Digital LED display
Clear at a glance
The power display can be observed according to the information of LED digital display screen
Gear speed display
Gear display from high to low:8500RPM 7500RPM 6000RPM
The gear can be adjusted according to the hair quality
Power Display
You can master the remaining battery power in real time according to the LED digital display screen
Cleaning and charging indicator light
Red charging indicator light flickers,
When fully charged
The red charging indicator light is always on,
After 30 minutes of use, yellow
The cleaning indicator will flash

Double titanium knife head
Detailed parameters
Double titanium knife head
About 4.5 hours after fully charged, you can have a haircut for more than 15 times

Cutter head material:T-type fine steel cutter head
Battery Type:Built-in lithium battery
Charging time:About 2 hours
Usage time:About 120 minutes
Charging Method:Charging Method
Rated Power:5W
Charging tips:Digital intelligent power display
Motor speed:7000rpm

Product Accessories
Fast charging line
Lubricating Oil
Cleaning Brush

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